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Publisher: mcsprinttec, Switzerland Newsletter: May 2016
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Esteemed Customer and Business Partner,
This Newsletter offers the opportunity, to inform about the latest news technically detailed.For example about new control systems as retrofit to old systems. Did you know, that we even install control system versions from competitors, start them up, correct software errors and train the Operators in handling and operating?

The completely new designed milling spindle to Polishmaster / Polishstar cylinder milling machines, equipped with unique ceramic hydrostatic bearings is launched! Did you know, that your existing machine, equipped with such a spindle, can reach a tooling capacity of +50% and more?

Our commitment to innovation – we continue!

Fully rebuilt machines

Outstanding quality and efficiency, our fully rebuilt machines:

Customers in Europe, Russia, Middle East and newly in South America und India have received machines with the new control system VA III / VA 4, AC-servo motors and servo controllers or Inverters for their existing machines. With this step, we have significantly reduced the maintenance and after sales service costs. Furthermore, we have reached a tremendous increase of efficiency. MCS Printtec is the first company, which fully rebuilts machines for gravure cylinder manufacturing and equipps them with AC servo drives. And this we do since 15 years already with best results!

The Group of Companies Tecnogravura Gravuras Metalicas SA with subsidiaries in 4 countries, has received a fully rebuilt Polishmaster from our company, including new AC servo drives with low backlash gearboxes and a complete machine control and drive set for a second Polishmaster for in-site installation. The customers confirms the ease of machine operating with our system, along with trouble-free maintenance of the equipment, thanks to our components, which belong to a average European Industrial standard. Spare parts are locally available. Machine breakdowns, due to unreliable technology, are past. To be on the safe side, the customer has opted for the remote machine access via VPN tunnel, which enables our Technicians, to remote access ALL intelligent components, which are communicating on the machine data bus. This is failure safety!


The company Limaton Upakovka, located at Furmanov – Russian Federation is equipped with state-of-the-art printing and converting equipment for the production of flexible packaging. Limaton is supplier for packaging materials for food and non-food products for Multi-National companies, such as Unilever, P&G etc.. MCS Printtec has received the order, to upgrade a Polishmaster on-site from a 30 year old control system to the latest state-of-the-art technology, along with a general maintenance service to be performed. All drive-, control-, operating- and maintenance materials have been supplied to the customer, the works and Operator training have been performed in less than two workweeks. The customer was very impressed, that his old “Baby” now is tooling his gravure cylinders with double speed than before without any troubles. Not to be mentioned, that the operator panel communicates in the customers language (multilingual touch panel, here in Cyrillic).

Project phase:

Operating surface:

Machine ready for production:
Fertige Anlage

The Group of Companies Janoschka GmbH with Head Office in Kippenheim – Germany and subsidiaries in several countries on several continents is one of the biggest producers of packaging solutions. MCS Printtec has received the order to fully rebuild one of their old Polishmaster machines, mechanically and electrically. The challenge was, to rebuild such a old machine for reasonable costs, as many of the components were old, outdated and therefore out of standard. The machine got equipped with AC servo drives and AC asynchronous motors and VPN Router for remote machine access. The finished machine thereafter was shipped to their Subsidiary in Izmir – Turkey. Thanks to our modifications, this machine shows the best performance of all machines, which are installed in the production area.

Moreover, the well known and best proofed cassette tooling system with big milling spindle is in use. This offers just best performance, which is unbeatable.

Machine reception:
Function check after rebuilding:
Funktionstest nach Umbau

Installation on customers site:
Installation beim Kunden

Machine in production:
Anlage in der Produktion

The Group of Companies PilenPak Ambalaj A.S., which is located at Maniza – Turkey, is a packaging printer and converter at the forefront of technology and production volume. The customer has received two machines from MCS Printtec, which have been fully rebuilt and equipped with most sophisticated Siemens control technology. One machine is a famous Polishmaster, equipped with all available options. The second machine is a special device, formerly called Polishstar. This machine originally was designed to cut AND grind gravure cylinders. As this concept did not match with the requirements, MCS Printtec has modified the machine to 2 stone and 2 band finishing heads. Therefore, all grinding and polishing processes can be executed on one machine.

We have implemented the well proofen concept with a SIEMENS machine control system and our successful AC servo axes, which shows best performance regarding reliability, machine availability, Operator safety and production capacity. The Project Manager has confirmed the cutting-edge technology.

Machine installed:
Maschine installiert
Machine control system:

All customers confirm the exceptional high quality of our products, as well as the outstanding quality of gravure cylinders, produces with those, along with a remarkeable increase of production capacity.

Did you know?

Beside the core competence of machine retrofit for Polishmaster / Polishstar cylinder milling machines, MCS Printtec even rebuilds machines and changes control systems for grinding machines, plating tanks and crane systems!


Fully rebuilt Polishmaster for Russia

The company Constantia Kuban is specialized in the manufacturing of flexible packaging products. With already three printing presses in use, there was the need to invest in another Polishmaster. Constantia has received the first unit some 15 years ago already from MCS Printtec.

The machine has been delivered end of January 2016, installed and handed over to the production in March 2016. The customer is happy to have received another speed increased and production stable machine from MCS Printtec.

The unit has received the new colour design from MCS Printtec for rebuilt machines, which stands for all future machines. The retrofit aluminium plate (front-right top) declares, that the machine has been retrofitted on the unique and well known level of quality by MCS Printtec.

Equipment during the retrofit process. All machines without compromise are fully disassembled, all parts checked in order to fit into our level of quality and customised re-assembled:

Polishmaster Fully rebuilt Polishmaster Fully rebuilt
Polishmaster Fully rebuilt Polishmaster Fully rebuilt


Fully rebuilt Polishmaster for India

After only 3 months of retrofitting time, we could deliver a fully rebuilt Polishmater to the young but quickyl upgrowing Company Image Gravures Ltd., which is located in Ahmedabad – India. Image Gravures have invested in a state-of-the-art production line for embossy cylinders. Due to the outstanding properties of our rebuilt machines, Image Gravures have decided for a fully retrofitted Polishmaster from MCS Printtec.

Equipped with all available options, Image Gravures is the first customer, which receives a rebuilt machine of this type with the newly developed milling spindle with ceramic coated hydrostatic bearings. This is the fastest Polishmaster in speeds, feeds and cycle times the world has ever seen. We congratulate Image Gravures to this decision, with which they fix their position as a leading supplier in India and abroad with this kind of products.

Polishmaster India Polishmaster India
Polishmaster India Polishmaster India
Polishmaster India  

New ceramic coating technology

New ceramic coating technology for hydrostatic milling spindle bearings

As Users have noticed in the past years, the milling spindle of their Polishmaster / Polishstar cylinder milling machines do not match with the requirements regarding durability, quality and performance. Due to the suboptimal manufacturing process, the milling spindles tend to grip during the milling process.

MCS Printtec, the leader of technology in the field of hydrostatic spindle bearings, has developed the process of rebuilding old and damaged milling spindles. During almost 2 years and in cooperation with Specialists for Tribology and surface coatings, the target has been reached to increase the wear resistance and tooling performance of such spindles.

Advantages of the new type of hydrostatic milling spindle bearings:

  • The main reason of milling spindle gripping is eliminated.
  • The speed of the milling spindle can be significantly increased (50% plus!). This leads to significantly increased cycle times to machine a gravure cylinder.
  • The risk of gripping for a rebuilt spindle is dramatically reduced to a small percentage, compared with the old technology. This due to the smart material combination and surface properties of the rebuilt milling spindle.
  • The mechanical and hydrostatic properties are significantly improved. This leads to a more stable performance of the spindle and increased quality of the machined copper surface.

Hydrostatic bearings which are produced or retrofitted the right way can neither grip nor wear out! They keep their properties for years and decades of 24/7 operation load. This is a significant increase of economy of the well known Polishmaster / Polishstar cylinder milling machine.

Milling spindle received damaged, axially and radially gripped, hydrostatic bearings destroyed:

Fraesspindel Fraesspindel

Not well manufactured hydrostatic bearings can lead to hydrodynamic noise and vibrations. MCS Printtec has solved these problems! Traces of scratching and gripping are visible on the surface:


Fully rebuilt milling spindle by MCS Printtec:

Ceramic coated hydrostatic bearings:
Stable tooling speed - and we continue!

For further informations about machine retrofitting, we invite you to get in contact with us. We will be pleased to issue a tailor-made offer, which will fit with your requirements.

Third party control systems

Start up of third party control systems

One of our Russian customers has recently received a control system for his Polishmaster from a third party supplier. This was installed, the supplier was techncally unable to start up the system. In order to cut the surprise costs which suddenly arose after the installation, the customer has ordered MCS Printtec to finish the machine.

In shortest time, MCS Printtec has corrected hardware errors, optimized the software, tuned the servo controllers to a acceptable performance, started up the equipmend and handed over the unit to the production. The customer was amazed about the competence and quick support, which he has received through MCS Printtec.

Inbetriebnahme von Fremdsteuerungen Inbetriebnahme von Fremdsteuerungen
Inbetriebnahme von Fremdsteuerungen Inbetriebnahme von Fremdsteuerungen

Travelling time and per diem rates

Travelling time:


Limited travelling time

A intervention offer for the customer, containing 30 workhours and 55 hours of travelling time is available from other suppliers only. MCS Printtec has fixed the max. travelling time for different countries and customers. This leads to a better base of planning and friendly reduced costs for the customer.

When will YOU join?

For further informations to machine upgrades, feel free to contact us!
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